Changes that affects Family-based immigration

Changes in a family-based immigration start when a Filipina lands in the United States to live with their fiancee. These changes appear and affect the status of family-based immigrants.

A numerous amount of Filipino women that come to the United States migrate through the K1- visa (fiancée visa) and the Cr1- visa (spousal visa). Once the applied visa by a petitioner is approved, she will be able to come to the States and have a chance to get married within the span of 90 days if she applied K1- visa. There are certain obstacles when applying for K1-visa.

Some Filipinas experience many trials even before marrying their fiancee here in the States. These situations are very common, out of 10 women 2-3 will experience it. Issues that affect the relationship and changes a family are the causes. What are these issues?

  1. Work issues
  2. Misunderstandings or miscommunication
  3. Lack of patience
  4. Ghetto attitude


Issues dealing with work are the most common source of changes in a Family. Differences in culture play a little part of those changes, as Filipino culture is dramatically different than American. It is common for a wife to stay at home in the Filipino culture, whereas in American culture, a wife is expected to work as much as the husband.


Filipinas are often misunderstood by their partners because when they don’t feel like not talking they would just like to be left one. Not all men know how to deal with their wife’s emotion. Miscommunication comes along when both partners are in an emotional state and sometimes the potential language barriers make things worse.


Lack of patience

Couples should try to be as patient as possible. If the partner is upset, try to deal with the situation calmly. If one is being temperament and then the other one should remain calm. Bear in mind that in a relationship it is important to have long patience. When one loses the patience, it can create a crack in that fragile relationship. Giving a lot of patience might be bitter, but its fruit will be sweet.


Ghetto Attitude

Having this kind of attitude could be worse for a Filipina and you’re better off without them. This kind of person will not even respect you as a human being. Hoping for them to change is pointless.

Most of the Filipinas that marries with this kind of attitude ends up with a bitter life or even abuses.

A lot of Filipinas are struggling because of the effects of these changes. Many of them experience physical abuses that result in running away and seeking help in shelters.

It is advisable that you make sure to get to know you’re fiancee first before agreeing to come to the states for the sake of your own security. Make precautions for yourself in case you stumble in the same situations as many others have been.