Fiancée Visa Self Help or K1 Visa Guide

Congratulations on finding your bride from the Philippines! Now it is time to get her to the United States. Here we will give you valuable information on how you can accomplish this on your own. Thousands of couples have navigated this process without any help from agencies or lawyers. If you are willing to invest the time you can do this all on your own.


Disclosure: This free information is not updated on a regular basis, so always check to see if the governments have changed anything at their official websites! This information is not meant to be legal advice and you must do your own due diligence!


The Fiancée Visa is officially called the K1 Visa in the United States. It allows the Filipina (beneficiary) to come to the United States for the sole purpose of marrying the sponsoring United States citizen (sponsor). Once she is here you have only 90 days to get married. Throughout this guide we will refer to the Filipina as the beneficiary and the Untied States Citizen as the sponsor

Requirements for a K1 Visa

  • The Petitioner (sponsor) is a United States Citizen
  • The Sponsor has income of at least 100% of the current poverty guidelines.
  • You and your Fiancée must have met at least once in the two years before filing your Petition
  • You and your Fiancée must both be free to marry. You must be able to provide the appropriate divorce decree or annulment from your home county when you file the Petition.
  • Both you and your Fiancée must sign a letter of intent to marry. You should complete this step before you leave the Philippines if at all possible. (enter a call to action such as email)
  • Your Fiancée will need to get a Passport Style photo that is 2×2 with a white background. You will need one of these as well.
  • You will need proof of an ongoing relationship. This can include airline boarding passes, hotel bills, photos of the two of you together at recognizable places, receipts from dinner, chat logs and the like.


Things that are strongly advised to have before you file your Petition for a K1 Visa:

  • A recent CENOMAR for the beneficiary
  • A birth certificate for the beneficiary
  • A Passport valid for at least a year for the beneficiary
  • A recent police clearance for the beneficiary