How much does it cost to bring a Fiancée to the United States from the Philippines?

You don’t have to be rich to bring a wonderful fiancee from the Philippines to the United States!

So what are your total costs to get her here and to get married?

I-129F petition for alien fiancée- $535

This is the petition that the American Citizen files for the Filipina beneficiary/Fiancée with the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Visa application- $265

This is the application that the Philippines immigrant files with the Department of State (DOS) with their background information.

Medical examination fee- $335

Your Filipina Fiancée must take a medical exam at St. Luke’s medical center to be cleared for immigration.

Airline tickets to the United States. $600+

This really depends on which airline and class your Filipina is going to be travelling. All you need is a one way ticket and they can be found for as little as $500 up to $1500 depending on the final city that she will land in.

Passport Photos- $5

A citizen of the Philippines will need to get passport photos for her passport as well as to submit to the Embassy for the K-1 Visa.


Certificate of no marriage. This is issued by the Philippines government to prove that the girl is not married and is eligible to marry a Untied States Citizen.

Birth Certificate- $10

This must be a certified copy of the birth certificate in the Philippines. I would strongly suggest that she get more than one copy.

Passport- $50

A Philippines passport if she does not already have one.

NBI clearance- $6

This is a police clearance certifying that she has not been arrested and showing in criminal history.

CFO- $10

Commission of Filipino Overseas. They issue a stamp on the passport after the Filipina has taken an orientation on moving the United States. This is required by the Philippines government to exit the country.

Total Cost- $1821

Additional considerations and possible expenses

The cost of the wedding. This could be anywhere from less than $100 for a license to $10,000+ dollars. Just depends on what the two of you want. You would have this expense regardless of where your wife is from, but you should budget for this in your plan.

If your Filipina bride is not from Manila, she will likely need lodging when she is there for her medical exam on fiancé visa interview. She will also likely need money for food and transportation since she will not be working during this time.

If she is from an island other than Luzon she will need airfare to get to Manila to attend the medical exam and the interview. Flights are pretty cheap with Cebu Pacific.