Our First Contest!

Our first contest here at Filipinalove!

Hey gang!

We are officially having our first contest here.

What you get if you win:               A one hour consult with us via Skype or Messenger about the topic of your choice from the following list:

  1. Travel to the Philippines
  2. Finding a Filipina girlfriend
  3. Finding an American Husband
  4. International Online dating
  5. Immigration to the United States with a U.S. based immigration attorney.

We will choose winners based on a minimum number of points accumulated. The winner will be chosen sometime after April 1, 2018. Points can be accumulated in the following way:

  1. Like and share us on Facebook at Facebook
  2. Join our Facebook Group at Filipinalove Group
  3. Leave a comment on one of our articles
  4. Follow us on Pinterest at Pinterest Filipinalove
  5. Pin a couple of our pins to your Pinterest boards from our Cool Pins I Created board to your Pinterest account.
  6. Subscribe to our Contest email list on our website located at the end of this article

If you do not have one of these social media accounts you do not need to create one in order to enter the contest. Please do not create a social media account just to enter the contest! You also do not have to do all of these things to be considered for the contest.

Things you MUST do to enter the contest.

  1. When you join our newsletter you must reply to the email we send you.
  2. You must respond to that email and tell us the following
    1. Your email address so that we can contact you if you win
    2. What kind of consultation you want if you win
    3. A little bit about yourself and what you want to accomplish with the consult
    4. What you did to accumulate points so that we can verify
    5. What you like about our website and what you don’t like
    6. How you found us, Facebook, Google search, etc.

Finally, what kind of articles you would find helpful in the future on our website.

Good luck to everyone!

Look forward to hearing from you!