Sending a Gift to Someone in the Philippines

How to send a gift to someone in the Philippines.

Philippines girlfriend sending gifts

If you would like to send a gift to someone in the Philippines by a local fulfillment company it can be difficult to find one that is honest or gets the job done. I have personally used the company that I am about to recommend and I am in no way affiliated with them. I am simply a grateful customer. If you use them I don’t receive a dime, only the satisfaction that you have gotten the same experience that I did.


It is a company that is run by an American expat and his wife. They really do a good job of getting the item that you purchased delivered on time and have great email customer service.

My Experience with WowPhilippines

I wanted to send a surprise bouquet of flowers to my Fiancée in the provinces of the Philippines. I found this company’s website (although I cannot remember how) and took a chance and ordered.

It was a standard pick your product, order, and get a confirmation that your item will ship. Nothing fancy or unexpected at the start.

However, when it came to delivery there was a hiccup. See addresses in the Philippines are not as…exact as they are in the States. Turns out the address I was sending the item to was not exactly on an easy to locate map. Turns out it was not a problem. I got an email from the company asking for a local contact phone number. I gave them the number and the delivery driver was in the area and got the package delivered.

The company followed up with me immediately and let me know that the problem was handled. In fact they kept me informed just about every step of the way. They were very friendly and helpful in all of their correspondence.

They really did everything that they could to make sure that the flowers were delivered on the correct day and took extra effort to ensure my satisfaction.

Needless to say my Fiancée was thrilled by the unexpected delivery and it made her day!

I cannot recommend them enough if you are trying to order a gift for someone in the Philippines. They really do a great job and really seem to care about getting the job done right!

It is funny that even though this happened a few years ago, I still keep the emails from them about getting my gifts delivered and still have warm memories of the efforts they made to make a special day for me and my Wife. Anyway this article is a small tribute to a job well done by the folks at WowPhilippines!