Things you need to know when your courting or marrying a Filipina

There are certain things you need to know about a Filipina when your courting or marrying her.

Filipina women are very hospitable, caring, sweet and courteous.  They know how to manage a home. Most of them are reliable spouse’s, they know how to cook, clean and maintain your house. These are not the only qualities that you will eventually love and like about them. They can do a lot of things that you would never expect. They have many skills that are very useful at work as well as at home.

They are diligent mothers, prudent women and considerate wives.

Lots of men travel to the Philippines just to find a Filipina because they make great wives.

Let me walk you through to the things you need to understand about them and their culture.

  1. She loves her huge family
  2. She’s very religious
  3. She loves singing
  4. She loves food
  5. She is submissive but not passive
  6. She can give you cold silence

She loves her huge family

Filipinos loves and cherish their family whether it is big or small. They are very family oriented people. They always put their family’s sake and future before themselves. In fact, moms and dads work hard to provide for their children and send them to school so they can have a better life. Because of the great effort that the parents make for their children, they return the favor with gratitude and takes care of the parents when they are no longer working.

When dealing with any member of her family, always be polite and respectful. You might also need to do Mano Po. Don’t get confuse Mano Po is a symbol of  respect for elderly or to the parents of the Filipina woman you’re dating. Win the respect and hearts of her parents and you will win hers too. Better win everyone’s heart first and get their blessing and approval of the relationship. This will make things easier for you.

She’s very religious

Filipinos are very religious. They have a very strong foundation of faith and beliefs.  Most of them are so devoted to their faith , Practices and beliefs that you might find ridiculous sometimes. If you don’t share the same beliefs,  at least, respect it.

She won’t judge you base on your faith and beliefs, so don’t judge her family and practices as well. Never give a bad comment about their religion because they might find it disrespectful. Surely you would never want the parents to dislike you. No matter what your opinions, be careful of what you say.

She loves to sing

One of the past times for Filipinos is singing karaoke, so  don’t get shocked if you get invited by her parents to sing a song even if you don’t know how to sing. Its okay, you can refuse to sing with them, but make sure to refuse politely.

She loves Food

Every Filipinos loves food and likes to eat. If you attend in any occasions or gatherings expect that you’d be walking in with a bunch of food in the table. Small or big gatherings, food is always the highlight.

If she cooks for you, expect that you are going eat a lot because they always cook good food.

 She is submissive but not passive

 Filipinas make good wives because they are submissive. She listens to her husband, serves him and accepts that he is the head of the family. However, this does not mean that you can do anything you want with her. Her being submissive does not guarantee that you have the right to do anything you please, especially when it comes to being unfaithful in your relationship.

If you are already married and she learns that you have a mistress, you will discover that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She knows what belongs to her and she will fight for it. Don’t expect that she will just pack her bags and leave you. While some might just cry in silence, a number of Filipina women get up and show the world that she’s not what you thought she is.

She could give you cold silence

Filipinas are sometimes sensitive to what you think and say. If you started noticing that she is giving you the silent treatment, that means that you have done something to upset her. Don’t think that  she is shutting you out from her world  means that she doesn’t want you. If this happens just go and talk to her calmly, compliment her and tell her how much you do care about her. Tell her that you didn’t mean to hurt her feelings in anyway. Make her feel appreciated and loved.

We all know that no one is perfect. Not all Filipinas were the same. If you are seeking to marry a Filipina woman in order to have a perfect relationship or marriage, that won’t work. Filipino women make a good wives because they are beautiful, family-oriented, great at household chores and very responsible .However, this doesn’t mean that marrying one will give you a perfect marriage.

As they say, it takes two to tango and you always need to work with your spouse whatever her nationality is to make your marriage work. If you know a friend who is happily married to a Filipina, that is because they work it out. Thus, you also need to do your part. You don’t need a perfect partner, but do your best to be perfect for her.

It is a must that you are honest within the relationship. Trust is a must for Filipinas. If you break it, you might not get another second chance. So, stay honest, faithful and loyal all the time. Your dream Filipina wife will never leave, but will love you even more.