Two You tube channels I recommend on the Philippines

 Two You Tube Channels I recommend on the Philippines

Life Beyond The Seas

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Before I went to the Philippines for the first time I found Reekay on Youtube here, he also has a website at Life Beyond the Sea.

I found that he gives an honest assessment of what life is like in the Philippines, especially in the Visayas region. He really gives lots of great information about the Country and what it is like living as a expat in the Philippines.

I disagree with him on certain aspects of relationships in the Philippines, he is a perpetual bachelor. But, I understand where he is coming from. My wife really dislikes him, but I admire him and really appreciate what he has to offer on his youtube channel and his blog.

He was really a big help to me before I travelled to the Philippines for the first time.

He really gives an honest assessment of the Philippines from the point of view from an American. He has lived there for years and really knows what he is talking about.

He has hundreds of videos on his channel and freely shares what he has experienced and what he knows about the Philippines. I love his down to earth commentary and opinions. He really is on the ground and has tons of useful advice to any American considering a trip to the Philippines and especially someone considering moving the Philippines as an expat.

He comes from a much different point in life than I do. He is about 15 years older and is pretty much against online dating. So we come from different experiences and points in our life. But his advice seems very valid to me given his point in life.

I highly recommend listening to his advice, even when it contradicts my advice and experience. He was a huge help to me before I went to the Philippines the first time and he truly is a pioneer in Vlogging on the Philippines.

Again you can find his Youtube Channel is here and his website is here.

A Foreigner in the Philippines

This is the youtube channel about the Philippines by Terence Flannery and his Filipina wife Beth. Terence is a British National who immigrated to the United States and then later became an expat in the Philippines.

He and his wife post tons of videos every week. I am not sure that I have ever seen such a prolific youtuber before.

He does a lot a charity work for his neighbors as well as his wife’s church. He really has a unique insight on the daily life in the Philippines and he lives a very simple life there.

His story is very interesting and his videos are honest and to the point. You can find his story HERE.

His videos give a real look into what the day to day living is like for an expat in the Philippines and the struggles and happiness that they face on a day to day basis. I really love and recommend his channel to anyone from the West looking to move to the Philippines.